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Public Comment Participation: What You Need to Know:

  • Members of the public must speak before the Hearing Examiner in order to speak at the Board of County Commissioners meeting.
  • In order to provide public comment, you must fill out a Public Participation Form with your name, email address and case name. CLICK HERE to download it and bring it at the start of the meeting on Jun 26 at 9 AM. For the “Case Name” field, include Troyer Brothers Property Rezoning.
  • Upon arrival at the Hearing Meeting, completed Public Participation Forms should be placed in the tray on the Hearing Examiner’s table.
  • At the Hearing Examiner Meeting, public comment is usually not heard on the first day. The meetings can often last multiple days. Watch for updates on our website, Facebook on Twitter on when public comment will be heard so that you can attend. You can also call the Hearing Examiner for updates on when the date/time for public comment: 239-533-8100.
  • At the conclusion of the hearing, the Hearing Examiner will prepare a written recommendation to the Board on application to rezone the property. Those that complete a “Public Participation Form” at the hearing will receive a copy of the recommendation/decision.
  • After the Hearing Examiner issues a recommendation, the Board of County Commissioners will hear the zoning case. Members of the public may address the Board if they spoke on the record before the Hearing Examiner.
  • CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Lee County Public Participation Guide

When preparing your public comment be prepared to:

  • Speak at the podium
  • State your residence or business location in relation to the Troyer Brothers property
  • Focus your comments on the zoning request. For example, “I do not support the rezoning of this property because it would severely impact wildlife, water, traffic and agriculture.”
  • Speak truthfully but from the heart about how this mine will impact your home, your community, your business or your safety.
  • Reiterate that it is not necessary to rezone the property for mining since there are approved and unused limerick mines available to satisfy any need (Green Meadows Florida Rock Mine #2 is approved and unused).
  • Keep comments to 1-2 minutes. There is no time limitation but the Hearing Examiner may refuse to hear testimony that is redundant or irrelevant to the application topic.
  • Answer any questions that may arise as a result of your comments.
  • Speak at both the Hearing Examiner Meeting and Board of County Commissioners meeting.
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