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TROYER BROTHERS LIMEROCK MINE: In July, Chief Hearing Examiner, Donna Marie Collins, released a recommendation to approve the Troyer Brothers limerock mine zoning request, subject to conditions and deviations noted in the report including conditions to protect nearby residential development patterns. It is disappointing that the recommendation to approve does not take into consideration all neighboring land use and large concerns expressed by the public on lack of need and impacts to the water table, environment and a dangerous traffic situation being proposed on S.R. 82.

On August 21, despite all the public, environmental and professional objections, the Lee County Commissioners voted in favor of the Lee Plan amendments as well as the rezoning, giving Troyer Brothers approval to rezone from agricultural use and as a result, allow limerock mining. Only Commissioner Frank Mann voted against the changes to the Lee Plan and the rezoning. While this is a defeat for the residents, the wildlife and all those who care about our property values and environment, many thanks goes out to everyone who made the time to attend the hearings and speak out on the concerns, share information about the hearings and contact their commissioner. Many residents took vacation time or unpaid days off to share the very personal and economic devastation of these decisions. The NoMineOn82 website and Facebook page will continue to share any additional updates when available. Again, thank you for standing strong for what you believe in.

View the Hearing Examiner Remarks & Full Report

THE LATEST FACTS: The Village of Estero’s recently completed Lee County lime rock peer review verifies that Lee County’s tri-county resource area (Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties) has an ample supply of lime rock to satisfy regional demand for at least 30 to 40 years.

Recognizing the need to balance clean water and land conservation goals with providing lime rock resource for the region, the Village of Estero recently commissioned Spikowski and Associates to provide a peer review of the 2018 Stuart and Associates Lime Rock Mine Study Update.

Review the Stuart report and learn more by visiting the links below!



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